• Introducing KPMG SGA

    To support our growth of services across Australasia and SE Asia while maintaining our market independence, level of professionalism and quality of client service SGA Property Consultancy has joined KPMG to become KPMG SGA on 1 December 2014. This joining of KPMG and SGA creates unparalleled capability for our clients while maintaining the high quality service our clients expect.

    One of Australasia’s leading independent Chartered Building and Environmental Consultancies
  • Property Transaction Services

    Supporting our clients make effective investment and divestment decisions in often commercially competitive situations, with tight timeframes and extensive geographical coverage allows KPMG SGA to play to its client focused strengths.
  • Property Management Services

    Integrating KPMG SGA's skills into our client's property management system allows for a much more effective outcome for Property Managers in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and superior service.
  • Corporate Real Estate Services

    KPMG SGA can provide a range of expert property advice to Corporate Real Estate specialists with condition issues or operational issues in relation to their tenancies, owned properties, or land.
  • Environmental Services

    Our professional environmental consultancy provides objective, practical and commercial advice on property related environmental and hazardous material matters.
Property Transaction Services
Informed investment and divestment decisions.
Property Management Services
Integrated management solutions
Corporate Real Estate Services
Property solutions for corporate specialists.
Environmental Services
Expert advice for environmental liabilities.

One of Australasia’s leading independent Chartered Building and Environmental Consultancies

KPMG SGA is a leading independent Chartered Building, and Environmental Consultancy providing integrated property services to our clients across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Through one point of contact we provide quality local skills from our core offices in: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Singapore and Auckland.